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Essential Daily is a daily Bible reading guide for individuals who want to know God better. It provides clear Bible explanation and practical application for the average person. Each day's reading covers 10-15 verses, just the right amount for people on the go. Essential Daily covers representative portions of every Bible book in a four-year cycle.

Both the tablet and smartphone versions of the Essential Daily web app are available for free. They work on both the iOS (Apple)** and Android mobile devices.

If you are currently on a desktop computer...

Go to from the mobile device you would like to install it on and click the orange install button at the bottom of the screen.

Install Essential Daily

iPad & Android Tablets

The tablet version works on iPad and Android tablets with screen resolutions of 1024 pixels x 768 pixels.

iPhone & Android Smartphones

The smartphone version works on smaller smartphone and tablet screens.

** To install on iOS (Apple) devices make sure you are using the Safari browser on your device.

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