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The Essential 100 Challenge

Are you aware that 90+ percent of American households own at least one Bible? However, the staggering statistic is that only 20 percent of those who own Bibles will ever read through it completely in their lifetime. This includes regular church-going members. With these statistics in full view, it is unfortunately easy to conclude that Bible sales far outpace Bible reading!


The Essential 100 Challenge (The E100) is a proven systematic approach that guides readers through the big picture of the Bible without getting bogged down and frustrated. The E100 is a carefully selected list of short Bible passages -- 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament. The passages are usually one to two chapters in length and can easily be read in 10 minutes or less.

The E100 is not about selling more Bibles or even suggesting translation preferences. In fact, we do neither. We simply provide the tools and resources to assist you in leading a Bible reading program that will have a profound impact on your church. Our research shows that once an individual completes The E100, his or her appetite for consistent Bible reading results in sustainable habit formation. This indeed is what we are about!

The E100 Challenge is NOT A TYPICAL CAMPAIGN. Why? Because The E100 is a professional, high value campaign but... it’s not expensive, not complicated, and not taxing on your staff.

Additionally, the companion materials are designed so that your church can implement the challenge without disrupting your present activities.  In addition, there are many FREE resources available here that include sermon outlines and participant questions.

Many of the implementation, communication and program companion resources are designed for you to customize with your own logos, photos and text. Plus, check out the unique materials for your youth ministry!

The E100 Challenge is a simple and proven conduit to long term Bible habit formation. Please join us and other area churches as we strategically equip congregations with the transforming Word of GOD.


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