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Program Ratings

Thinking about the Big Bible Challenge, consider this statement, "This program encourages me and my children to..." Please answer the following: on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 means not at all likely and 5 means extremely likely).

pray regularly together
share Big Bible Challenge with others
read the Bible regularly
enjoy reading the Bible
enjoy discovering the Bible through the different activities
grow closer to Jesus
share with friends from the stories we have read together
encourage others to try this book
1=not at all likely / 5=extremely likely
Your comments on the statements above.
Complete the Following Statements:

Here are some examples.
As a parent, I could see using this tool to study on my own... maybe share with my kids.
As a Pastor, I could see using this tool to encourage my congregation to know the Bible better.

As a ...
I could see using this tool to
The main purpose of the Big Bible Challenge is
What, if anything was confusing or redundant?
My favorite part of each chapter is
The least useful part of each chapter is

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