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Journey to the Cross

"Journey to the Cross" Lenten Guide Offered

Do you want a special Bible reading guide to help you travel with Jesus on his "Journey to the Cross" during the Lenten season? If so, it's now available in both a downloadable pdf or a daily email beginning on Monday, Feb. 22.

"Journey to the Cross" from Scripture Union provides 5 daily readings (excluding weekends) for each of the six weeks in Lent. The readings are accompanied by a reflection question or two to help you "dig deeper" into the passage as you go through Lent.

The six weekly readings are built around the following topics:

Week#1: Jesus' Saving Work Foretold.

Week#2: Jesus Predicts his Death

Week#3: Jesus Prepares for his Death

Week#4: Jesus' Trial

Week#5: Jesus Goes to the Cross

Week#6: Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Great Way to Focus on Jesus During Lent

The first week features readings from the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah's death. The following weeks offer readings selected from the four gospels.

"Journey to the Cross" is a great way to focus on Jesus and his saving work as you go through Lent. Just get a Bible, set aside a few minutes each day--in the morning over coffee, on your lunch break at work or early in the evening--and go with Jesus on this death-defying, life-transforming journey!

Sign Up or Order Copies

You can use the links below to sign up to receive each day's reading as an email (starting Feb. 22) or download the entire "Journey" as a pdf. If you'd like to order copies in quantity for your church or group, they can be purchased for $5 + S&H for 50 guides. Just call 1-800-621-LAMP (5267) to order.

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