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"Big Bible Challenge" Children's E100 Here

Big Bible Challenge

God is using the E100, SU’s popular read-through-the Bible program, to introduce adults across the country and around the world to reading the Bible. Now there's a family-friendly version of the E100.  It’s called Big Bible Challenge: Take an Adventure through God’s Great Story.

Big Bible Challenge (BBC) is designed for children 7-12 years old and explores the big story of the Bible through 100 selected Bible passages, just like the E100.  Especially appropriate for families (family devotions), churches and Christian schools, it’s designed to be used both by a child and an adult “coach’ (parent, grandparent, teacher, mentor, etc.)

Complete Bible Engagement Tool

The 100 readings are arranged in 20 sections or “challenges” of 5 readings (usually 10-15 verses) each. One of the five passages is explored in detail and the other four in outline. Each section includes a Bible text, questions to help explore the Bible passage, prayer ideas, things to make or do and full color artwork.  It’s a complete Bible engagement tool for children and adults to use together.

There are three components of the Big Bible Challenge: the 128 page fully illustrated book, online resources for adult “coaches” and online supplemental material and activities for children. The online resources are available at

Volunteers Wanted!

SU is looking for1,000 parents or mentors who would be willing to take the Big Bible Challenge with a child and, on completion, fill out a survey questionnaire. Those who agree to do so can purchase the BBC for $10. (Regular Price $14.95). To buy your copy or for more information, contact the SU office at 1-800-621-5267.

 The Big Bible Challenge is the product of an international team of highly qualified SU staff who have designed a Bible reading  program that teaches and features age appropriate reading skills. It’s also being used by children and adults in the UK, Australia and Germany. Our prayer is that God will use it as one more tool to spark a world-wide Bible reading revival!


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