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"Confessions of A Guilty Bible Reader" Now Available Here

Confessions of a Guilty Bible ReaderIf maintaining a regular Bible reading practice has been a challenge for you, you're not alone. And you'll want to read Whitney T. Kuniholm's new booklet, Confessions of a Guilty Bible Reader: A 10 Day Devotional Guide to Help You Develop a More Meaningful Experience of God's Word.

This 32 page booklet, written by the President of Scripture Union/USA, features story-filled devotional essays written in Mr. Kuniholm's warm, entertaining and inspirational style. It's structured as a 10 day devotional guide, but can, of course, be used over any time period. Also included in the booklet is a 10 day Bible reading guide through Psalm 119.

Struggles Shared, Lessons Learned

Confessions of a Guilty Bible Reader, says Mr. Kuniholm, is "my attempt to honestly share some of the struggles I've had with reading the Bible, as well as the lessons I've learned along the way". The goal, he says, is "to help you make the basic discipline of Bible reading and prayer the mainspring of your Christian life and a daily opportunity for you to meet God, too."

Whitney T. Kuniholm is also the author of "Refreshing Faith: A 10 Day Devotional Guide for Renewing Your Walk with God" (SU/USA), The Essential Bible Guide (Waterbrook), The Essential Jesus (InterVarsity Press) and John: An Eyewitness Account of the Son of God (Waterbrook).

To order your copy of Confessions of a Guilty Bible Reader, just click here or call 1-800-621-LAMP (5267).


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