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DiscoveryExtra Bible Reading for Oct-Dec.'13 Here Now

Scripture Union's DiscoveryExtra for the fourth quarter of 2013 (Oct.-Dec.) is available for free download now. DiscoveryExtra is the church-wide Bible reading program that really works...and it's free!

This new program has four components:

Each of the components is available as a free download from this website. Just click on the appropriate link(s) above or in the paragraph below. That's all!

Insert, Discussion Guide and Sermon Outlines

DiscoveryEXTRA Discussion GuideThe DiscoveryExtra Bible Reading Plan features the daily readings in Discovery for a three month period. The DiscoveryExtra Discussion Guide offers a weekly series of discussion questions based on a topic that arises from the previous week's readings in Discovery. The guide is especially useful for use in small groups or Sunday School classes.

The DiscoveryExtra Sermon Outlines offer pastors an outline based on one of the passages covered in the Discovery Bible reading guide the previous week (and from the same passage chosen for the Discussion Guide). In addition, the daily Discovery readings and commentary can be received as a free daily email by signing up here.

Tested and Researched

The DiscoveryExtra program incorporates principles gathered from SU's experience with the popular Essential 100TM church-wide Bible reading program in over 5,000 churches around the US and the world. That, together with related research from the nationally recognized research firm, The Barna Group, has resulted in a cutting edge, effective tool designed to help churches read and engage with God's Word in a fresh, new way.

In addition, Scripture Union now offers the Essential Jesus, 100 readings (25 from the Old Testament and 75 from the New) that take people through the Bible's greatest story, the story of Jesus. It's a great way to help both interested seekers or committed believers learn what the Bible really says about Jesus.

For more information about the DiscoveryExtra program, The Essential 100 or The Essential Jesus, contact the SU office at or call 1-800-621-LAMP (5267).


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