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E100 Aiding Bible Reading Revival Around the World

SU’s popular Bible reading program, The Essential 100 Challenge (E100) is not only spreading across this country but is being widely used by God to help people all around the world read through the Bible, too.

Last year, 350 churches in New Zealand, representing 20% of the churches in that entire country, took the E100 Challenge together. Scripture Union in New Zealand has partnered with the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Bible society of New Zealand in sponsoring this nation-wide campaign. And this year they have launched The Essential Jesus Challenge throughout the country.


Excitement in the UK

 Meanwhile,  2011 is “The Year of the Bible” in that country, and The E100 Challenge has already captured the imagination of hundreds of congregations who are taking this Bible reading adventure together. Here again, three leading Bible agencies, the Bible Society, Scripture Union and Wycliffe, have worked together to launch The E100 Challenge with the goal of stimulating Bible reading across both Britain and Ireland.

Scripture Union in England reports an “unprecedented demand” for The Essential Bible Guide, the book with commentary and discussion questions on each of the E100 passages. “It’s been very exciting to have so many people so passionate about Bible reading,” said James Burden, former Associate Director of SU in England.

E100 Spreading Across Africa

In the nation of South Africa, 2011 is also the year of The E100 Challenge. Scripture Union and the Bible Society of South Africa have partnered to launch the program throughout the country.  They are printing Bibles and are distribtuing over 500,000 Bible reading cards with the list of all 100 passages, printed in two languages--English ans Afrikaans.  Scripture Union in Nigeria is planning to launch The E100 Challenge soon and Zimbabwe is considering when it can do so, also. 

The E100 Around the World

Recently, the SU USA office received copies of a German language translation of The Essential Bible Guide, and reports indicate that The E100 Challenge is going well in that country. In Argentina, Evangelist Luis Palau has written a forward to a Spanish language edition of The Essential Bible Guide for use in the E100 campaign in that country. The E100 readings have also been translated into Mandarin for us in mainland China (with the help of the American Bible Society).

E100 campaigns are being prepared or already underway in France, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Jamaica, Japan and Korea --about 15 countries in all. An international SU team has produced a Children’s E100 book--Big Bible Challenge--which was published in April, 2011, also.

Flexible, Low Cost Program

The Essential 100™  is a carefully selected list of 100 Bible passages –50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New—that gives one an overview of the “big picture” of the Bible without getting bogged down. Most passages are 1-2 chapters long and can be read in 10 minutes or less. It's is a flexible, low cost program that can be used with any Bible translation and is designed for individuals, small groups or entire churches.

To date, over 2000 churches and 250,000 people in the USA alone have taken The E100 Challenge. For more information on how you or your church can take The E100 Challenge, visit: www. or call Scripture Union at 1-800-621-LAMP (5267).


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