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The "Essential Secret" to A Bible Reading Habit Revealed

The Essential SecretHow can you get 'average Christians' to start and maintain a regular Bible reading habit? That's the question addressed and answered by SU President Whitney T. Kuniholm in his new ebook for pastors and Christian leaders: The Essential Secret: How To Get Your Entire Church Reading and Enjoying God's Word.

While that question might seem rather mundane and low priority, especially in light of all the other critical challenges the church faces, "I'm convinced that correctly answering that simple question is one of the most significant challenges and opportunities for the Western Church today", Mr. Kuniholm said, "because the real issue behind the question is not just the renewal of a personal spiritual discipline. Rather, it's the renewal of the Church itself".

"Secret Sauce" Revealed

The main reason regular Bible reading such a challenge for so many, he said, is "a methodology gap. We're telling church-goers they ought to read the Bible, but we're not pointing them to effective methods for doing so".

The Essential Secret offers just such a method. It reveals Scripture Union's "secret sauce", the seven principles essential to helping people begin and maintain a regular Bible reading habit. These principles grow out of the extensive research that went into the development of SU's popular and effective Bible reading program, The Essential 100® (E100) Challenge, and the experience and feedback gathered from over 1 million individuals in 5000 churches worldwide who have already read through the Bible with the E100 program.

Church Renewed, Relevant

Getting Christians to read God's Word regularly is the "critical first step", Mr. Kunholm says, because "when people begin reading and applying God's Word together, a spiritual power is unleashed that can dramatically transform individual lives and entire churches". But an even bigger vision, he says, is "that more groups of Christians, of all denominations, will begin reading and living God's Word together, and as a result, the Church will be renewed and relevant for a new generation".

That's the "bigger vision" behind The Essential Secret. To download your copy, click here. For more information about The E100® Challenge or Scripture Union's other Bible reading and outreach programs, chekc this website or call 1-800-621-LAMP (5267).


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