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God Changes Prisoner's Lives Through Using Discovery

Each quarter, Scripture Union sends hundreds of free copies of Discovery to men and women in the nation’s prisons. As a recent letter demonstrates, God uses Discovery to introduce these prisoners to his Word and change their lives.

The director of a ministry to inmates in Ohio’s prisons (where SU has sent 200 copies of Discovery quarterly) wrote recently to thank SU for sending Discovery and to share an encouraging example of how God uses Discovery in prison.

Discovery for Prisoner, Guard

He’d sent a copy of Discovery to a woman in prison, but she wrote back to say that, due to prison rules, she was not allowed to receive books or publications of any kind. Later, however she wrote back with a plan. The guard in her area was open to considering allowing the woman to receive Discovery. The ministry director then sent a copy to the guard, along with one for the prisoner.

The guard subsequently approved the woman receiving a copy of Discovery—and requested copy for herself. Soon, all thirty women in that cell block were using Discovery together each day. And a few months later, when the woman was transferred to another prison, the guard asked if she could continue to receive her copy of Discovery there, “since she had come to love it and was using it every day”.

"Just One Positive Testimony"

The ministry director said that “this is just one of a number of positive testimonies regarding the effects Discovery is having on inmate’s lives and their relationship with the Lord Jesus.” It’s true that God’s Word is “living and active” (Heb. 4:12) and changing lives every day. And it’s good to know that God is using Discovery to open people to his Word and change lives every day inside our nation’s prisons.

If you’d like to contribute to the cost of sending free copies of Discovery to the nation’s prisoners, you can give on line here or send your check to Scripture Union Box 215 Valley Forge, PA 19481. Just desginate your gift to "Discovery for Prisoners". Thanks!


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