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Luis Palau Evangelistic Fest Shares The E100 Challenge

At an evangelistic festival led by Luis Palau last November, the E100 Challenge was shared with many of those people who attended. The Festival, formerly known as a “crusade”, was held in Newcastle, Australia.

The Festival reached about 30,000 people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and staff from Scripture Union in Australia held forth at a booth featuring material about the E100, SU USA's popular Bible reading program. Over 1000 people received E100 brochures and many others discussed the program in-depth with the SU Australia staff.

 E100 Available To All

The Newcastle Festival marked a return for Palau to a region where he ministered 30 years ago, and he  said “it was great to find people who came to faith in Christ during (his) time there” so many years ago. It was estimated that 2000 new believers came to Christ at this event. The E100 was one of a number of significant Bible materials available to all thoswe who attended, thanks to Dr. Palau and Mr. David De Mers, SU Australia's Ministry Resources manager.

Luis Palau came under the ministry of Scripture Union as a child in Latin America. He has said this about SU: “I can’t say enough good about the work of Scripture Union.  It made me realize the importance of the word of God.  After all these years, the impact of Scripture Union is still with me.”

E100 in Use World-Wide

The E100 Challenge has been translated into 10 languages and used by over 2000 churches and over 2.5 million individuals in a dozen countries world-wide.  For more information about the E100, visit or call 1-800-621-LAMP (5267).


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