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SU Prayer Requests for the Month of August, 2013

As Scripture Union's ministry moves through the summer, we ask for the prayers of all SU members and friends. May God be pleased and honored in all that we do.

Praise God for the many SuperKids programs that are going this month. Pray that God will work through them and  throughout the summer in the lives of the many children who attend SuperKids.

Praise God for his gracious provision for SU's financial needs so far this summer. Pray for God's continued provision during the extensive summer ministry now underway.

Pray for the field staff who are participating this month in SuperKids and/or are training and organizing volunteer staff, that God will bless and use their efforts to enable many children to meet him in his Word.  

Pray for God to lead and guide the reorganization of the headquarters office that is now underway.

Praise God for the many children already reached with his Good News this summer. Pray for the Primetime ministries now being planned and organized for the fall, especially those in the metro Dallas area..

Pray for God's leading and blessing for the newest Field Directors, Brandon McGuire (Southeast) and David Stephens (Mountain West) and for new field staff Nancy, Nicita, Jan, Lisa and Michelle as they begin their vital ministries. Pray for Kim and Lisa in the National office as they prepare PrimeTime materials to serve the new Mountain West region.

Pray for God to enable the follow up ministry to children who cmw ro Christ or grew in faith this summer.

Praise God for the volunteers who help so very much each week in the national office.


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