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Studies Show Need for and Benefit of E100 Challenge

Recent studies by a number of respected national organizations demonstrate the significant need for, and benefit from, The E100® Challenge, Scripture Union’s popular Bible engagement tool.

Bible Engagement Trends
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Studies conducted by the Barna Group, the Gallup Poll and others, reveal that regular Bible reading among church-attenders and the population in general is sharply declining. There are approximately 25% fewer people than a generation ago who would be characterized as even occasional Bible readers, and about 700 people quit Bible reading every day, the researchers found. They estimate that, if current trends continue, two out of three Americans will have “no meaningful relationship with the Bible” by the year 2040.

People Want Bible Reading Help

This drop in Bible reading contrasts sharply with the finding that 87% of church-attenders say they want practical help in understanding the Bible. Yet 40% say that they feel confused, overwhelmed, bored, discouraged or some other similar emotion when they read the Bible. The study found that while a substantial majority of church members want to experience in-depth Bible study, only 20% of churches offer it.

These findings unmistakably underscore the appeal and impact of Scripture Union’s Essential 100© Challenge. Over 2.5 million people in over 5,000 churches in this country and around the world have used the E100 to read through the Bible and get its “big picture”. The E100® has proven to be “the read through the Bible program that people love to complete” and benefit significantly from.

Pastors Report Benefits of the E100

The benefit of The E100® Challenge is clear to pastors whose churches have taken it. They reported the impact of the program in a survey conducted by the nationally respected Barna Group:

  • 90% said the E100® did an excellent job of helping the people in their churches "get a good overview of the Bible".
  • 80% said the E100 ® was excellent at "making reading the Bible a regular habit".
  • 75% said the E100® was excellent at helping “improve their congregants’ relationship with God.

It’s clear that God has been using, and can continue to use, The E100® Challenge to help reverse the decline in Bible reading, to enable people to discover the help they want and need from the Bible, and to help them to engage with God through his Word regularly.

Join in Taking “The E100® Challenge

The E100®, a carefully selected list of 100 Bible passages (50 each from the Old and New Testaments), enables folks to get the "big picture" of the Bible without getting bogged down. For more information on how your church can join the thousands of others around the world who’ve taken The E100® Challenge and discovered or re-discovered the riches of regular Bible reading, visit or call the SU office at 1-800-621-LAMP (5267).


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