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SU Celebrates God’s Work Throughout Pittsburgh Region

Pittsburgh, PA, headquarters of SU’s Pittsburgh/Great Lake Region, was the site of a recent weekend celebrating God’s work in that area through Scripture Union. “The Lord blessed us abundantly” through it all, said Nancy Lee Cochran, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh E100 Initiative.

The highlight of the weekend was the annual regional dinner on April 7, held at a restaurant overlooking downtown.   The keynote speaker was SU President Whitney T. Kuniholm. In addition, three “outstanding leaders” in the region were honored:  Dr. William R. Glaze, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in the Homewood section of the city, Mr. Harry Obley, former member of the Regional Council, and Cynthia Scott, President of Choice Counsel and advocate of community prayer and repentance. “God just rained down blessing on us all that day”, said Ms. Cochran. “Rain was expected for the afternoon but God sent only sunshine. And he sent more than 100 people” including many local pastors, she said.

SU President Was Guest Preacher

Earlier that day, Mr. Kuniholm was the guest preacher for over 1,200 people at three services of the Memorial Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church, one of the largest churches in the Greater Pittsburgh area. The church began taking the E100 Challenge together on Ash Wednesday.

The day before, on Saturday afternoon April 6, the Scripture Union Regional offices in downtown Pittsburgh were the site of an Open House. Regional Council members, local SU staff and area friends of SU shared fellowship and met with the SU President.

“God Was Glorified”

As a result of the weekend, three new churches indicated interest in SuperKids and PrimeTime, five churches and four families indicated interest in taking the E100 Challenge, and significant funds were raised to support SU’s ministry in the region. Most importantly, as Nancy Lee Cochran said, throughout the weekend “God was glorified”! For more information about SU’s ministry in the Pittsburgh/Great Lakes Region, contact Nancy Lee Cochran at or call 412-463-8380.


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