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SU Gives Thanks to God for the Life of John Stott

John StottWhen the Rev. Dr. John R.W. Stott died on July 27, at the age of 90, Scripture Union lost a dear and highly treasured friend. The impact of his ministry on SU and the entire Christian world will be felt for decades.

 John Stott came to Christ at 16 through the ministry of a Scripture Union worker in England who later wrote to young Stott for over five years to encourage him in his new faith. Stott subsequently said, “Scripture Union has had a very formative influence in my life, and I owe it a debt which I can never repay. First, it was a Scripture Union staff worker who showed me the way to Christ. Second, it was Scripture Union which taught me the discipline of daily Bible reading—a discipline which I still consider to be indispensable to Christian growth and freshness. No wonder that I thank God for Scripture Union!”

Commitment to Children and Youth

Known around the world for his Bible teaching, incisive thinking and leadership within the evangelical movement, John Stott had a strong commitment to the development of the next generation. His ministry to university students is well known, however children and teenagers were also close to his heart. Much of his early training in Christian ministry was in Scripture Union camps and missions. His first published writing  after graduating from school was an article entitled ‘Child Conversion’ which was based on a talk he gave at an SU workers’ conference and appeared in the Scripture Union magazine in 1945.

A Good Friend to SU

Throughout his life John Stott was a good friend to Scripture Union. From 1965 to 1973 he was President of Scripture Union in the British Isles. Towards the end of that time he wrote ‘Understanding the Bible’, published by Scripture Union and still in print after almost 40 years. After 1970 when he took on a wider ministry, he visited SU movements in many parts of the world and spoke at a range of meetings and conferences. In the early 1970s he visited SU movements in West Africa. In 1972 he attended the SU International Council in Malaysia, giving Bible readings on the book of Acts. This material became part of his Bible Speaks Today volume on Acts and also had a significant impact on SU’s statement of Working Principles, adopted in 1985. He visited SU USA both in the 1990’s and earlier this decade.

Janet Morgan, Director of Scripture Union International spoke for SU Staff and friends all over the world when she said “Scripture Union has gained so much from John Stott’s ministry. We thank God for him and pray God will raise up others who will follow that example of commitment to the gospel and faithfulness to Scripture, serving a world in need.”


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