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SU Prayer Requests for the Month of February 2014

Praise God for his Word, life-giving, sustaining and everything we need. Pray that he would draw many into a Bible reading revival.

Praise God for SU’s Board members. Pray for God’s safety and blessing as they gather in Valley Forge, for the next Board Meeting, February 7-8.

Praise God for SU’s involvement with the Son of God movie, releasing on February 28. Pray that many would be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Praise God for the children who have been reached through PrimeTime® programs partnerships this school year. Pray for the training sessions underway this month for SuperKids® programs.

Praise God for the volunteers who multiply the reach of SU Regional Staff. Pray that open staff positions in the National Office and in Regions would be filled.

Praise God that his timing is perfect! Pray that nothing will delay the release of new resources this spring.

Praise God for the generous support of the E100 National Initiative Matching Grant. Pray that his work would be accomplished through it.


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