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SU USA At "Living Hope" International Conference

SU USA President Whitney T. Kuniholm and Board Member Betty Purchase represented SU USA at “Living Hope,” the SU International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last November. The five day conference was attended by 250 SU national, regional and international leaders from 108 of the 120 Scripture Union movements around the world. Betty Purchase is Chair of the SU Americas Regional Council, which includes nations in North, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean.

“An Exciting Opportunity”

SU International Director Janet Morgan explained the purpose of “Living Hope” this way: “Together, we in Scripture Union seek to live and serve as people of hope, in a world that longs for hope! 'Living Hope' is an exciting opportunity for the whole Scripture Union movement! For almost 150 years God has used Scripture Union to bring countless children, young people and adults to a living hope through Jesus Christ. Today that hope is needed more than ever”.

 Careful Listening Process

The conference was the culmination of a year (throughout 2012) of “listening”—this was “phase one”, listening to children, youth and adults through surveys and interviews conducted throughout the various SU movements and communities around the world. Over 2500 children, teens and adults, 300 focus groups and on-line surveys provided 17,000 responses to the overall question of what God would have SU’s ministry around the world look like in the coming decades.

Discernment and Action

The results of that “listening” phase was the basis for “discernment phase”, the Living Hope Conference, as the delegates from SU movements around the world met to pray and discern God’s will for the future direction of SU’s ministry. Now, the final or “action phase” is underway. A working group has begun to develop a set of recommendations to implement the outcomes and decisions of the Living Hope Conference. "Our prayer is that God will make clear to us the next steps and give us the courage to obey as we move towards the 150th anniversary in 2017 of the beginning of SU” said SU International Director, Janet Morgan.

The name of the conference, “Living Hope”, is taken from the Scripture which says that God has given us “new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Pet. 1:3). For more information on "Living Hope", go to        


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