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NFL Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

NFL Football Coaches Use Encounter With God to Read through the Bible

Super Bowl winning Coach Tony Dungy talks about the value of daily bible reading through Scripture Union's Daily Bible Guide Encounter With God. Learn more about Encounter With God at

Bible Reading at Super Bowl 47 with Scripture Union USA

Join Scripture Union host Roman Gabriel III at Super Bowl 47 Media Week as we talk with athletes about the value of daily Bible reading and how their faith plays out in the NFL. Interviews with former Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy, current coaches John and Jim Harbaugh as well as many of the players such as Ray Lewis, Colin Kaepernick, and more!

Bible Reading at Super Bowl 47

Join Scripture Union at Super Bowl 47 as we speak to players and coaches about how daily bible reading impacts their lives. Live from Media week in New Orleans!

Faith, Family, and Football

Go behind the scenes at Media Week for SuperBowl XLVII in New Orleans! Hear players from the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers and others share about Faith, Family and Football.

Bible Reading in the NFL

Go behind the scenes to see how the players use the YouVersion Bible app.


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