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Discovery Daily EmailA Guide for Finding Practical Help From the Bible. Read through most of the Bible in 4 years, reading 10-20 verses each day. Learn More Check out Today's Reading right now online.    



Encounter with God

Encounter with God Daily EmailA Guide for Meeting God Daily in His Word.  Read through the O.T. once and the N.T twice in a five year cycle, reading 10-20 verses per day. Learn More Check out Today's Reading right now online.    


Journey to the Cross

A Lenten Journey

This is a 6-week Bible Reading guide (5 readings per week) for use during Lent. It's best to find a regular day and time for your "journey" and to have a Bible with you. Then, you're ready for the "Journey to the Cross" with Jesus.

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Journey to Bethlehem

A 26 day Bible reading experience

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