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Essential Journey to the Cross: Pray Again

Lenten Bible Reading Guide  

Pray Again

We've come to the final step of The Scripture Union Bible Reading Method in preparation for our Lenten Essential Journey to the Cross. The first four steps were Pray, Read, Reflect and Apply.


Step 5: Pray Again

End your time in God's word as you began it; in prayer. Make your discoveries from your study the basis of your prayer time. Ask God to help you live out and apply what you learned that day. Thank God for meeting with you and sharing his Word with you. You'll find a suggested prayer in that section of your Journey each day, also.

You willl soon understand that the Scripture Union Method is simple and effective--and it will become easier to use and more helpful as you practice it. Use it daily, along with millions of Scripture Union members, to develop a deeper, richer time of "meeting God every day" in Bible reading and prayer. 

Here are all five steps in Preaparing for the Journey:

Now, you're ready for The Essential Journey to the Cross to begin on Monday!

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