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Essential Journey to the Cross: Read

Lenten Bible Reading Guide  

For five days, we're preparing four our Lenten Essential Journey to the Cross next Monday. We're reviewing the five steps of The Scripture Union Bible Reading Method, on which your Lenten Journey is built.

First, we discussed Step #1: Prayer. Beginning with prayer is essential to setting the right attitude to listen to God speak to us through his Word. Here's the next one.

Step 2: Read

Next, read slowly and carefully through the selected passage for each day. Sometimes, you'll want to read the passage more than once to really "dig in' to its meaning. You may also find it helpful to read the preceding or following Bible sections to get the context of your passage. Sometimes, you may even find it helpful to read the passage in more than one translation. Take the time to read it as thoroughly as you can, expecting God to answer your prayer for understanding of his Word. Your reading will be certainly be rewarded as you discover what God says about how he planned and brought about the wonderful gift of his son, Jesus.

Get Ready! Bible Readings for Lent Start Monday, March 6!

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