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Essential Journey to the Cross: Reflect

Lenten Bible Reading Guide  

ReflectSo far, we have reviewed the first two steps of The Scripture Union Bible Reading Method: Pray (#1) and Read (#2). Now, we're ready to discuss the third step.


Step 3: Reflect

This is a key part of your Advent study; reflecting or meditating on what you have just read. Your Essential Journey to the Cross offers you a reflection question each day to help you in this process. After you've answered those questions, to yourself or in a journal, then, to help you further meditate on the passage, ask yourself any or all of these:

  • "What does this passage say?"
  • "What is its main point?"  
  • "What does it reveal about God? What does it say about me?"
  • "What does it require of me now, in thought, word or deed?"

These questions will help you to "dig deeper" into the meaning of the passage as you study and reflect during Lent--or anytime.

Get Ready! The Essential Journey to the Cross 2015 begins Monday, March 6!

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