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Pray Read Reflect Apply Read

Pray before reading, asking God to help you understand and receive his Word. Through Christ you are in the Father's holy presence. Approach Him boldly, humbly and expectantly.

Read carefully the Bible passage for the day. Refer to the preceding and following sections as necessary so that you read in context.

Meditate on what you have read, waiting in openness, ready to obey God's Word to you. First, think through the passage, asking yourself such questions as:

  • What is the main point of this portion?
  • What does God -- Father, Son or Holy Spirit -- reveal of Himself?
  • What insight am I given into myself, and into my life situation? Is there an example or a warning to heed? A promise to claim?
  • What does Christ require of me now, in thought, word or action?

Then complete your meditation by reading the S.U. Bible study guide. In light of these insights from your fellow Christians, think further about what God is saying to you.

Apply what God has taught you from today's reading to the circumstances of life -- situations at work, home, school, or church. Use what you have learned in order to become more like Jesus.

Pray again. This time, turn the things you have learned into prayers. Thank God for His greatness and love. Confess your sins. Remember the needs of others. Adore the Lord in His beauty. Go forth to serve Him with joy.


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